The Dragon Steak is a consumable item that appears in Riviera: The Promised Land and Yggdra Union.


The Dragon Steak is a support Battle Item in Riviera. It is obtained by cooking the Dragon Meat using Cierra's Magical Cooking. It recovers 75% of the consumer's HP and grants a bonus in STR as well. Fia refuses to eat it. WT: 35 (25 for Fia only).

A cut of dragon meat, well-done.

In Yggdra Union, the Dragon Steak is a consumable that permanently boosts the user's GEN stat by 1.

Lasts 1 BF
Equip Non-vegatarians
Effect [O] Eat: GEN UP
Location Kill an Imperial Knight with Flame.

Morale RecoveryEdit

Yggdra 3000
Milanor 5000
Durant 3000
Nietzsche 3000
Roswell 3000
Rosary 2000
Russell 3000
Cruz 3000
Elena 3000
Kylier 4000
Gordon 2000
Mistel 2000
Pamela 2000

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