Dream Cap (夢見の帽子 Yumemi no bōshi, lit. Dreaming Hat?), also known as Dreamer's Hat, is a recurring item in Dept. Heaven series and the trademark accessory of the witch Pamela.

The Dream Cap appeared in Yggdra Union as one of Pamela's special items. This or the Demon Tail is required to recruit her in the PSP port (see Pamela's recruitment criteria for more details).

ATK +4
TEC +4
Lasts 2 Maps
Equip ♀ (GBA); Pamela only (PSP)
Effect [ X ] Noon = sleep
Location BF23, on Pamela

Morale Restore DataEdit

Yggdra 0000
Milanor 3000
Durant 0000
Nietzsche 3000
Roswell 0000
Rosary 8000
Russell 0000
Cruz 2000
Elena 3000
Kylier 3000
Gordon 0000
Mistel 2000
Pamela 8000

Dreamer's Hat makes a return as Pamela's key item in Knights in the Nightmare. It is found during the confrontation with Dotaurus in either story path. Contrary to the way of making Pamela appear, the key item can be found even without a Yggdra Union cartridge inserted.

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