Weapon Durability is a gameplay element introduced in Riviera: The Promised Land.

In Riviera each battle item can be used a limited amount of times. Once its durability is reduced to zero (0), the item is erased permanently from the inventory. There is no way to fortify an item to restore its uses.

In Knights in the Nightmare, each weapon item has a number of times it can be used before it vanishes from the Item List. This value is the weapon's Durability (labeled "DUR"), and it decreases by 1 each time the item is brought into a turn. When a weapon with a DUR value of one (1) is brought into battle, the item will simply disappear when the turn is over. Another mechanic that may cause DUR to decrease is a failure in Weapon Enhancement (click article for more details).

Increasing DurabilityEdit

The only method in game that the player may utilize to increase the durability of an item is through Weapon Fusion, which takes two of the same items and merges them, adding their combined DUR together. The player may continue to stack fused weapons with unfused ones to create items with even more DUR. It should be noted however that the item created in fusion is essentially the same as simply having the individual, non-fused ones. Having an item with high DUR still has the following benefits:

  1.  The need to replace the weapon is reduced.
  2.  The item can afford enhancement failures in comparison to items that have low DUR.
  3. Allows more space for more items that can be acquired through gameplay.

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