For the Diviner, see Einherjar

Giulio Raguel...

You, the chosen of the

Magic Spear, Gungnir...

Bearer of the

mark of Stigmata.

I acknowledge your

courageous energy.

I grant you the power

of my rebellion.

—God of Defiance, Einherjar

God of Defiance
A dark knight without peer in all the heavens. His crimson scythe scours the battlefield.

Einherjar as he appeared in Gungnir

The first war god that Giulio is able to summon through Gungnir.

He responds to Giulio's courageous energy and grants him the war god's power of rebellion.

When summoned to the field, Einherjar will strike all affected targets for a percentage of their current HP, generally halving the HP of everything he hits and is thus vastly useful for weakening high-HP targets.

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