The Element Rod (エレメントロッド Eremento roddo?) is a weapon that has appeared in Yggdra Union and Knights in the Nightmare.

A staff that bends the power of nature to the user's will.

The Element Rod made its first appearance in Yggdra Union as an equippable item for mage units.

GEN +2
ATK +2
TEC +4
LUK +2
Lasts 2 Battlefields
Equip Staff
Effect [O] GEO card anywhere*
Location BF35

Acquirement MethodEdit

This item cannot be obtained if a retry has been used on the current playthrough. The Element and World Tree Branch must have been acquired to forge this staff.

Morale RecoveryEdit

Yggdra 1000
Milanor 0000
Durant 0000
Nietzsche 0000
Roswell 6000
Rosary 5000
Russell 0000
Cruz 0000
Elena 1000
Kylier 0000
Gordon 0000
Mistel 0000
Pamela 1000

The Element Rod returned in Knights in the Nightmare as a rod weapon for the Wizard class.

Element Rod
Element Rod KitN sprite
Type Wizard
Element Neutral
Level 14
Law Attack Lost Trap
Chaos Attack Lethal Blitz
Effect 1 03
Effect 2 88
Effect 3 45

Phase Name Damage Hits Total
Law Lost Trap 746 5 3730
Chaos Lethal Blitz 498 5 2490

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