Basic info
Gender Female
Japanese Voice Actor Makishima Yuki
English Voice Actor Karen Strassman
Age: Blaze Union: 13

Yggdra Union: 16

Race: Human
Family: Leon
Ace: Bows
Class: Assassin
Height: Blaze Union: 140 cm

Yggdra Union: 155 cm

Sixteen years of age and originally a member of the Imperial Special Forces (assassins), Elena is introduced as a minor character—Zilva's protégée, who seems new to combat and is occasionally reluctant to do battle. She is eventually revealed to be "Black Knight" Leon's younger sister, who realized what a horrible person war had made him and joined the Imperial Army herself to first observe him—then kill him herself when she realized he couldn't change back. She eventually betrays the Imperial Army, and tries to fight Leon and Emilia on her own; she joins up with the Royal Army first temporarily (to defeat Leon), then permanently (after she has had time to bury her brother and resolve herself to her new path in life). Durant is initially very suspicious of her, and Elena despises herself for being a traitor, no matter what the circumstances are.

Elena is shown to have a strong attachment to and empathy for her former comrades, and likes items once owned by Imperial commanders; like Kylier, she's a vegetarian. Despite her roots, she feels a great loyalty for the Royal Army, who accept her as she is.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

  • Meteor: A lethal weapon capable of killing in one blow.
  • Gale Bow: A lightweight bow that fires arrows as if they were wind.
  • Rainbow Arc: A mystic bow that sparkles like a rainbow.
  • Lightning Bow : A magical bow with electric attributes.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Elena's Theme[edit | edit source]

Elena's theme is "Elena Sortie!" (エレナ出撃! Erena Shutsugeki?), also known as "Onward, Elena!". It is played during Elena's battles.


Yggdra Union OST (GBA) - Elena Sortie!



Yggdra Union OST (PSP) - Elena Sortie!


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