I am a Grimm... The Scribe who chronicles all.


Gungnir Character
Romaji Erīze
Kana エリーゼ
Nation Espada
Sex Female
Origin Asgard
Race Angel
Age Unknown
Class Valkyrie
Weapon Rapier, Bow

Elise (エリーゼ Erīze?) is a character in Gungnir. She can wield rapiers and bows and belongs to the Valkyrie class.  As the self-proclaimed "Scribe" who hails from Asgard to chronicle the Demon Lance Gungnir, she has no interest in anyone else aside from Giulio. She is first introduced in Scene 3 during the battle with Pierre. Strangely enough, she gets along with Alissa and strongly dislikes Isabeli.


Elise has long ponytail blue hair and blue eyes. Elise dresses differently from the other characters in the game. While the other characters dress in dark colored clothing, she wears bright colored clothes. Her clothing is decorated with many pairs of white wings.



  • Her favorite food is Kokori Seed
  • Her development name was Ecrile
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