Emperor Wolfgang III
Emperor Wolfgang III
Gungnir Character
Romaji Vorufugangu san-sei
Kana ヴォルフガング三世
Nation Gargania
Sex Male
Race Daltania
Age 61 -> 63, now deceased.
Class [[]]
Weapon Imperial Spear Veronica

The tyrant emperor of Gargania. He wielded the Imperial Spear Veronica, but due to his weak, old body, he is no longer able to wield it. His aging body also prompted him to leave political matters to Ziyad, his right hand-man. Formerly a vibrant and charismatic leader with a similar personality to Ragnus, Wolfgang III believed that he was the "King" spoken of in the Astral prophecies. However, fear of the last spoken prophecy that his heir would kill him, the emperor slaughtered all but the youngest of his four sons. By sending Sir Robertus Raymont and the Imperial knights into Espada to kill his remaining son, Emperor Wolfgang III became the man behind the events leading up to the Espada Massacre.