Ephram D. Laverly
Ephram KitN portrait
Basic info
Kana エトランシュ=D.ラヴァリー
Romaji Etoranshu D. Ravarī
Location Scene 13
Key Item Violin

Ephram (エトランシュ Etoranshu?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. He is the younger brother to Dahlia, a knight of the 6th Order; in stark contrast to his sibling's ebullient personality, he is a timid, almost naive boy.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Dahlia, An Older Sister: "My older sister is bad at reading an atmosphere..."
  • On Dahlia, An Older Sister: "I hope my sister isn't causing trouble..."
  • On Dahlia, An Older Sister: "I'm always so overwhelmed by her energy... *sigh*"
  • On Donald, A Skilled Bard: "I heard a bard's beautiful song at the castle."
  • On Donald, A Skilled Bard: "I want to ask him what his purpose for playing is..."
  • On Platier, A Distanced One: "I don't care for those who appear strong-minded..."
  • On Justin, An Envied One: "How can someone laugh so happily all the time?"
  • On Filmier, A Church Nun: "I heard the church bell cracked... How disquieting."
  • On Yantana, A Pharmacy: "I was laughed at for asking for a cure to my laziness."
  • On Yantana, A Pharmacy: "The pharmacist told me to treasure my health."
  • On Jester, A Stranger: "A stranger in the streets ended up inspiring me..."
  • On Hilgard, A True Lady: "I wish my sisters were as ladylike as her..."
  • "I heard a scream... and after that, I'm not sure..."
  • "The wind against the castle walls is an eerie sound..."
  • "I picked up some cough medicine for my friend."
  • "Why did this happen? I'm so unlucky..."
  • "Why are my sisters so energetic?"
  • "I saw a light like a human soul in the old castle..."
  • "I wish my life were more peaceful..."
  • "The old castle's shadows as the sun sets is sinister..."
  • "I wonder if my sisters are doing alright..."
  • "A monster fell from the sky. Why wasn't it money?"
  • "I went back home to find that a puppy was born..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "My parents made me learn the violin with my sisters."
  • "I still play, though all my sisters have quit."
  • "I got a gold medal in a contest. That pleased me."
  • "I want to keep playing the violin. I like music..."
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