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The banner of Esperanza
Some people around here are saying that Esperanza's just a bunch of thieves. That's not true, though. Those people are only alive because of the food we stole.

—A Leonican soldier, to Fiona

Esperanza (エスペランサ Esuperansa?) is a revolutionary organization founded by the late Ricardo Raguel whose goal is to overthrow the corrupt, iron-fisted rule of the Gargan Emperor. Esperanza is comprised mostly of Leonicans, though anyone who wishes to oppose the Empire's oppression is welcome.

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The eldest son of Ricardo, Ragnus Raguel, leads Esperanza for the early parts of the game until he is defeated and captured by General Robertus. Therein, Giulio Raguel takes charge as leader of Esperanza.

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Music themes[]

There are several themes associated with Esperanza. The theme that plays in Scene 01 during Giulio's and his squad's introduction is called Gold Coins and Pride (金貨と誇り Kinka to hokori?, Gold and Pride). It is the 3rd track in the soundtrack release.

The People of Esperanza (エスペランサの人々 Esuperansa no hitobito?) is heard when the group have their meetings in Espada. It is the 8th track in the official soundtrack.