"Emilia's unit is down! The Royal Army's headed this way! Someone tell me the cannon is ready now!"

Eudy (ユーディ Yūdi?) is an antagonist in Yggdra Union. She is the Court Magician/Imperial Magister known to be both the leader of the Imperial witches and the master of Imperial ballistics.
Eudy blazeunion

Eudy in Blaze Union

Eudy comes off as calm, collected, and in control—until she's given a cannon to fire. Then she starts cackling like a maniac and squeeing about bombarding her enemies. Also, it gets pretty obvious that she's a bit of a pyromaniac. When excited, she often expresses the desire to shoot off a round on her cannon battery. There's only one battlefield over the entire game where she fights without having a cannon to fire; her cannons often make battlefields a hassle, and as such she becomes a character that many players love to hate.

It is revealed in the prequel game, Blaze Union, that she used to be a magical prodigy who, despite being at the top of her class, was thrown out of her magic academy just before she was supposed to graduate. As players may have already known, Eudy is well-acquainted with ballistics in addition to traditional magic, and is a sort of gadgeteer genius of everything pertaining to cannons. Her unorthodox interests are implied to be why she is considered an outcast by her peers in the magic academy. Eudy is one of only four Imperial officers who survive until Chapter 8, and is killed when Kylier destroys the Arc of Triumph.

Like many other women in the cast, Eudy is often seen flirting shamelessly with Roswell. She and Mistel have many similarities, down to being the same age, which Mistel brings to the spotlight by asking brightly if Eudy is a housewife, too (Eudy does not comment). Her favorite food is pickles.

She's voiced by Maeda Ai in the PSP version.


Eudy's theme is Insatiable Searching Heart (飽くなき探求心 Akunaki Tankyū Kokoro?). It is played during her attacks in Blaze Union.

Blaze Union OST - 46 Insatiable Searching Heart Eudy's Theme

Blaze Union OST - 46 Insatiable Searching Heart Eudy's Theme




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