Fanelia is a recurring item in the Dept. Heaven series.


Ein and Rose discovering the Fanelia. (PSP)

Fanelia debuted as a Battle Item in Riviera: The Promised Land. It is obtained by digging at the soft ground in the Undine Spring five times after clearing the Mireno Cemetery stage. Fanelia is not a weapon from Riviera, nor is it a Diviner. As such, its origins are a mystery. Ein is the only character who can use this enigmatic stone. Its Skill, Fanelia Beam, deals 999 points of damage to a nearby enemy eight times. No Skill Up can be obtained from using it.

Skill DataEdit


Fanelia Beam Stats
Type Physical Attack
Power 999
Hits 8
Accuracy 90%
Base Wait 99
Variance 0%
Target Close enemy
Effects Dmg fixed on 999
Skill Level 0
Overskill N/A

A weapon forged by the gods who created the world to destroy it.

Fanelia returned as a equippable item in Yggdra Union appearing in the latter portion of the game.

Lasts 1 Map
Equip Lv 20
Effect [O] All attributes UP UP
Location BF47, requires Hyper Drill

Morale Recov DataEdit

Yggdra 1000
Milanor 4000
Durant 0000
Nietzsche 0000
Roswell 1000
Rosary 4000
Russell 0000
Cruz 0000
Elena 1000
Kylier 4000
Gordon 0000
Mistel 1000
Pamela 0000

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