Fencer is a unit class appearing in Yggdra Union and Gungnir.

Soldiers who fight with their prized sabers. Their "Item Break" skill breaks their opponent's equipment.

Fencer (フェンサー Fensā?) is a unit class in Yggdra Union. This class in handy with the blade, giving them an advantage over axe users, but they have a disadvantage against lancemen. This class' only native ability is to Void Lightning, and like their Valkyrie counterpart, they lean more towards the offensive side when it comes to base stats.


GEN ATK TEC LUK Size Move Weapon Formation
4 5 3 2 Small Walk Sword Cross X

In Gungnir, Fencer is the signature class of Giulio. It is the only class that can wield Gungnir, and is an essential class that levels up quickly.

Uses: Swords, GungnirEdit

Notable FencersEdit

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