Located on a hill, the entire town can be seen from here. Lina's room is on the second floor.
Riviera - The Promised Land 01

Fia and Lina's Place

Fia and Lina's Place is the home of Lina and Fia, the first two sprites Ein meets upon his arrival in Riviera. This is the first location in Elendia the player will see. It is comprised of three areas total: Fia's Room, Lina's Room, and the front door.

Fia's RoomEdit

Fia's Room is where Ein wakes up. After discovering that his memories are gone, and his mission forgotten, Ein decides to settle in with them. If you speak to Fia, and address her by her name, she'll be flattered that Ein remembered it. Bread can also be found on the table each time Elendia is revisited between stages. Lina's room is on the second floor.

Lina's RoomEdit

Going upstairs will take you straight to Lina's Room. This is where you'll see Coco pretty much all the time. You will also find the Book of Memories here, which is Elendia's only save point. If Lina is spoken to, she'll ask about Ein's condition. If you select the answer: "I'm fine. Thank you", she'll be pleased.

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