The Flag is a Battle Item in Riviera: The Promised Land. Ein's skill, Root, boosts the Overdrive Meter two stages. The heroines can Cheer on all off their allies, subtracting Wait time. Regardless, the WT is 35 for either skill.

The Flag is possibly the most powerful support item in the entire game. Combining Root and Cheer essentially allows the party to fire off Overskills of their choice while severely restricting the enemy's turns. In certain chapters, some practice battles have Lizardman-type enemies and can thus serve as infinite sources of the Flag; players can exploit this to trivialize many battles. For instance, in Chapter 5, the Flag readily allows the use of Blitz Rune and Fatality (both are XAV+GD and take advantage of an elemental weakness) against the guard-happy skeleton enemies who are otherwise extremely durable and threatening with their poisoning attacks.


A RankEdit

B RankEdit

  • Lizardman - x3
  • Dragonewt - x3
  • Barbaric Drake - x3
  • Dragoon - x3