Flora Ellenhart
"I know my sister can be sort of a pain..."
Knight of Aventheim
Title Amber Servant
Kana フローレ=エランヘルト
Romaji Furōre Eranheruto
Japanese Name Flore Elanheld
Race Nestico
Sex Female
Age 21
Order 11th
Unit Class Hermit
Element Lightning
Level 7
Encountered Scene 7
Item Chocolate
Route Mellia
Flora, also known as Flore is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 7
VIT 56
L.I 54
C.I 51
LOY 36%

Website DescriptionEdit

Though not related by blood, she takes responsibility for the attitude of her step-sister, Rolenta. She is also a close confidant of the Cardinal's niece.

Tome DescriptionEdit

She is constantly in search of sweets and anything cute, and she is not afraid to tell a guy she thinks he is good-looking. Flora is aware her sister, Rolenta, can be difficult at times, but she loves her anyhow. She has a lot of admiration for Schmitz's talents, but she worries that he is not living up to his full potential.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Rolenta, A Stepsister: "My older sister is a little more difficult than me."
  • On Rolenta, A Stepsister: "She's in the 2nd Order, so she should have confidence."
  • On Rolenta, A Stepsister: "I wish my sister would be more emotionally honest."
  • On Schmitz, A Bold Man: "Schmitz is an amazing man, despite how he looks."
  • On Schmitz, A Bold Man: "No matter the situation, he stays calm. That's talent!"
  • On Schmitz, A Bold One: "I don't think Sir Schmitz knows how talented he is."
  • On Margaret, A Strict Lady: "Aunt Margaret hasn't changed much at all."
  • On Margaret, A Strict Lady: "My older sister doesn't do so well with Aunt Margaret."
  • On Margaret, A Strict Lady: "My house was right next door to my aunt's."
  • On Bonn, An Energetic Man: "He's always so hyper... is he drinking on the job?"
  • On Leier, A Close Comrade: "The chocolate Leier gave me the other day was goood!"
  • On Lillian, A Subordinate: "I guess she works under me... She's very dependable!"
  • On Rolf, A Handsome Man: "The captain is handsome, but single. Too bad..."
  • On Rolf, A Handsome Man: "Maybe I should put some moves on the captain? Hehe!"
  • On Alier, A Beautiful One: "I hear Tiamat women are pretty..."
  • On Nordich, A Young Heir: "They liked each other, but politics separated them..."
  • On Nordich, A Young Heir: "I hear the prince's type is the quiet and demure lady."
  • "Very few families have two sisters who became knights."
  • "I've never grown out of my taste for sweet things..."
  • "I love my parents, and I'll take care of them for sure!"

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "Oh! Is that chocolate!?"
  • "Eating sweet things put my heart at peace..."


  • "Please allow me to help as well!"

Level Up:Edit

  • "Yes! Power up!"
  • "Great! I feel a little stronger!"
  • "Hooray!"
  • "I think this is just the motivation I needed!"


  • "...I see... This is quite a disgrace..."

Dying in battle:Edit

  • "Big Sis... If we are reborn... let's... meet..."



  • Flora < Rolenta
  • Flora < Schmitz


  • Rolenta (Stepsister)
  • Schmitz (Admired acquaintance)
  • Margaret (Aunt)
  • Lillian (Subordinate)
  • Leier (Close friend)
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