The Formular, also localized as Formula, is a weapon that has appeared in several episodes of Dept. Heaven series.

A magical broomstick that defies gravity.

Formular first appeared in Yggdra Union as an equip item originally exclusive to Rosary, however Pamela is able to use it as well in the PSP port.

Lasts 1 Map
Equip Certain ♀
Effect [O] Gauge = MAX
Location BF38, on Eudy

Morale DataEdit

Yggdra 0000
Milanor 0000
Durant 0000
Nietzsche 0000
Roswell 0000
Rosary 8000
Russell 0000
Cruz 0000
Elena 1000
Kylier 0000
Gordon 0000
Mistel 1000
Pamela 8000

Type Priestess
Element Neutral
Level 45
Law Attack Silent Choir -> Silent Prayer
Chaos Attack Vesper Calm
Effect 1 09
Effect 2 31
Effect 3 00

Phase Name Damage Hits Total
Law Silent Choir -> Silent Prayer 528 10 5280
Chaos Vesper Calm 251 10 2510

Formula returns again in Knights in the Nightmare as a high-level weapon for Priestesses.

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