The Four-Leaf Clover (四葉のクローバー Yotsuba no kurōbā?, Four-leaf Clover), also localized as 4-Leaf Clover, is an item which appears in each episode of the Dept. Heaven series.

The Four-Leaf Clover is an Event Item found in Riviera: The Promised Land. Finding it is lucky, but it does nothing.

Acquirement Method: In the Moonlit Courtyard of Lacrima Castle, examine the thicket in the fourth room. There is a 22% chance that you will find it.

Function: Useless.

The Four-Leaf Clover is an equippable item in Yggdra Union. In Battle Field 04, each time Yggdra lands on a grass tile, there is a 1/64 (1.6%) chance she will discover it.

Lasts 4 Battlefields
Equip Anyone
Effect [O] Drop rate 100%
Location BF04 (YU), BF09 (BU)

Morale RecoveryEdit

Yggdra 4000
Milanor 1000
Durant 2000
Nietzsche 3000
Roswell 3000
Rosary 2000
Russell 2000
Cruz 1000
Elena 6000
Kylier 6000
Gordon 2000
Mistel 6000
Pamela 2000

The 4-Leaf Clover returns in Knights in the Nightmare as a Key Item related to Lucana, a maid of Aventheim Castle. It is obtained from a patch of grass in the upper right corner of Scene 20 or, in Mellia's story, from a Magic Book in Scene 22.

In Gungnir, the Four-Leaf Clover is an item given to Giulio by Chante and Thele, pixies who live in the Forest of Tranquility. It grants the Lucky ailment to the user if it is used.


Elemental IndexEdit



  • Equip Effect: Cannot be stolen.


  • Main Action I: Four-Leaf Clover - Adds Lucky
    • Type: Direct Support
    • Delay: 3
    • Target: Self
    • Note: Day only


  • Category: Item
  • Capacity Requirement: 8
  • Units: All human classes.


  • Null Gems: 10
  • Fire Gems: 10
  • Water Gems: 10
  • Earth Gems: 10
  • Air Gems: 10


  • Cost: No data
  • Sell: 0 gold
  • Quantity: 4

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