Frances Mervyl
"No matter where I go, I don't fit in..."
Knight of Aventheim
Title Shadow Spirit
Kana フランセ=メルヴィル
Romaji Furanse Meruviru
Japanese Name Francais Melvil
Race Nestico
Sex Female
Age 17
Order 11th
Unit Class Hermit
Element Sanctity
Level 5
Encountered Scene 5
Item Crimson Brooch
Route Maria

Frances, also known as Francais is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 5
VIT 13
L.I 55
C.I 46
LOY 33%

Website DescriptionEdit

A good friend of Roslip, Frances feels lonely having to work so far away from her. She lacks confidence, and depends on others to make it through the day.

Tome DescriptionEdit

The youngest of seven sisters, she has very low confidence in herself and derives most of her strength and happiness from those around her. Frances is brokenhearted that she and her friend Roslip are not serving in the same order. Fortunately, she can depend on Erica to help her make it through the day.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Roslip, A Tough Friend: "I wish Roslip were here in times like these..."
  • On Roslip, A Tough Friend: "It's a bad habit of mine to overly depend on people..."
  • On Rolf, An Angry Terror: "The captain is nice, but he's scary when he's mad."
  • On Leier, A Kind Superior: "I'm glad Miss Leier is such a nice person..."
  • On Vishna, A Difficult Lady: "Miss Vishna is scary. She doesn't talk much, either."
  • On Rolenta, An Unlikable One: "It scares me to look at people when I talk to them."
  • "My uniform was too big, so I altered it myself."
  • "I hope someone takes me to the harvest festival..."
  • On Nestor, An Active Boy: "My heart skipped when a little boy scared me..."
  • On Pascale, A Kind Mother: "Nestor's mom apologized to me, but I couldn't sleep..."
  • "M-My name is Frances. N-Nice to meet you..."
  • "I hear supplies haven't come yet. What happened...?"
  • "My sisters are cheerful... Why am I like this...?
  • "On a sunny day, I can see the city across the lake."
  • "I hear that horns and wings are symbols of the Tiamat."
  • "I hear if you get lost in Valde Forest, you die..."
  • "I hear Tiamats have lived in the castle a long time."
  • "...Aah! That was scary!"
  • "I'm the youngest of the seven sisters. Are they okay...?"
  • "I'm really good with a needle and thread."
  • "Everyone in the 11th Order is so nice to me..."
  • "I'm already 17, but I get mistaken for much younger."
  • "They must be desperate to let someone like me in..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "The brooch brings back many fond memories..."
  • On Roslip, A New Best Friend: "That day, we both got the same brooch..."


  • "I... can come with you too, right...!?"

Level Up:Edit

  • "Thank you very much!"
  • "I feel like even I can become stronger now..."
  • "I wonder if I can look out for myself now...?"
  • "I'll work hard!"


  • "Please reconsider! I'll try harder! I'll... No..."
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