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Freeze is a recurring status effect in Dept. Heaven series. It is typically associated with the ice element.

When frozen, the unit will be unable to act for an undetermined amount of time; there is a 32% chance the effect will be lifted upon being hit. Be it by attack or not, it goes away eventually. This status has the additional effect of raising ice resistance by 100 and decreasing fire resistance by 50. Serene is immune to Freeze. Cierra has no resistance to Freeze.

A frozen enemy unit cannot move or attack. In addition, when an enemy affected with Freeze is knocked off from a height difference of at least 3.0, the attack becomes a critical hit.

Like other status effects, Freeze can only be caused by a Hermit attacking with an ice weapon in the Law phase.

Also known as "Frozen" in Gungnir, the unit becomes temporarily unable to move and join in Beats, but the unit is still able to perform actions. Frozen can be cured by getting attacked. The foot equipment: Leg Warmer can prevent the wearer from becoming frozen.

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