Gargoyle Rod (ガーゴイルロッド Gāgoiruroddo?) is a weapon that has appeared in more than one episode.

A staff with a gargoyle design on the head.

The Gargoyle Rod made its original appearance in Yggdra Union.

GEN -2
ATK +4
TEC +4
LUK -4
Lasts 3 Battlefields
Equip Roswell only
Effect [O] Night ☻
Location BF09, on Roswell

Morale RecoveryEdit

Gargoyle Rod
Gargoyle Rod KitN sprite
Type Wizard
Element Darkness
Level 24
Chaos Attack Merciless Orb -> Immortal Orb
Effect 1 09
Effect 2 51
Effect 3 29

Phase Name Damage Hits Total

Chaos Merciless Orb -> Immortal Orb 725 8 5800

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