Garik W. Woodsmith
Garik KitN portrait
Basic info
Kana ギアーク=W.ウッドウォーカー
Romaji Giāku W. Uddowōkā
Location Scene 34
Key Item Loose Bandage

Garik (ギアーク Giāku?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. An injured former soldier who used to fight under Baltar's command, he was the only one to survive when his entire brigade has been wiped out in battle, and the guilt of being unable to save them haunts his every day.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Baltar, An Ex-Superior: "I don't have any hard feelings for Sir Baltar..."
  • On Maimi, A Man's Daughter: "Sir Baltar has a daughter who looks like her mother."
  • On Tigot, A Grave Keeper: "Someone needs to protect the peace of the dead."
  • On Roberta, An Elderly Lady: "I noticed an elderly lady praying on my way here."
  • On Roberta, An Elderly Lady: "I wonder who she was praying for..."
  • On Ernest, A Kingdom Knight: "I saw Ernest here the other day..."
  • On Latune, A Gray Elder: "I wonder if that elderly man is a victim as well..."
  • On Vienna, A Gray Girl: "A young girl with gray skin has been spotted lately..."
  • "Escada... Please sleep peacefully..."
  • "Those we fight also have parents, friends, lovers..."
  • "This cemetery wasn't like this before..."
  • "Damn... If only this body would do what it's told...!"
  • "When my wounds heal, I'll take up the sword again..."
  • "I learned much from being in the kingdom's army."
  • "I want to become strong, both in body and heart..."
  • "Is there a reason that I was the only survivor?"
  • "This time... I want to protect my comrades...!"
  • "I can't go back... But if I had just one wish..."
  • "I took a knight's vow, so dying is nothing... But..."
  • "I should not be bound by the past. I know..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "Believe me, I got the better end of the stick..."
  • "I have never hated my powerlessness this much..."
  • "When I joined, I thought I'd be prepared for this."
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