Gaston Gavotte Siegel
Gaston portrait
Basic info
Kana ガストール=ガボット=シーガル
Romaji Gasutōru Gabotto Shīgaru
Location Scene 19
Key Item Angel Statue

Gaston (ガストール Gasutōru?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. He is the father of Gieche and Colt. Though he is not a knight, he is very loyal to the king. When Gieche and Colt were still children, he openly displayed favoritism toward Gieche; this consequently gave the younger of the two, Colt, self-esteem issues.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Gieche, A Perfect Son: "Gieche is a brilliant son."
  • On Gieche, A Perfect Son: "Gieche is too good of a son. Too good for me."
  • On Gieche, A Perfect Son: "He is my pride and joy."
  • On Colt, An Imperfect Son: "I wish Colt would work a little harder."
  • On Colt, An Imperfect Son: "Colt is always causing me trouble..."
  • On Colt, An Imperfect Son: "He has a talent for singing, I'll admit that."
  • On Orlando, A Wise Teacher: "My report is still used in the royal city schools."
  • On Justin, A Crazed Man: "That strange man's shoes are always shined."
  • On Norberg, A Great Butler: "I have yet to meet the head of that household."
  • On Norberg, A Great Butler: "He smiled and told me that he was proud of the lady."
  • On Norberg, A Great Butler: "I'm always impressed with his hard work."
  • On Wilmgard, A Great Lord: "How is it that our king is so wise and insightful?"
  • "The lake water flows into the Depths of Torment."
  • "Legend say the Arbitrator ruled over the lands."
  • "I heard a man existed once called the Arbitrator."
  • "I have a responsibility to protect my bloodline..."
  • "Responsibility is heavy..."
  • "The status I earned was lost too easily..."
  • "I heard many were given jobs for the bridge work."
  • "I hear the old castle's foundation is sinking."
  • "The Arbitrator is like a legend in this land."
  • "Aventheim's history is long. Much was lost."
  • "It's interesting to study the old castle's history."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • On Wilmgard, A Great Lord: "This statue is important. The king gave it to me."
  • "I take especially good care of this statue."
  • "...Don't break it, even by accident."
  • "My family has served the royalty for generations."
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