"O ancient wyrm, enshrouded in a blazing aura... Thy flames shall unleash the fury of hell."

Description: The words of Brongaa, Dragon of Purgatory. It serves as Gulcasa's signature card. In a special battle in Blaze Union, Emilia, as an enemy, can also use this card, due to her Brongaa blood seething out of control.

Ace Type: Scythe

Maneuverability: 10

Skill Type: Break (B/X)

Effect: Increases stats by sacrificing members and breaks the rage meter for himself and his enemy; Genocide Kill Bonus Damage.


  • Yggdra Union: Gulcasa only.
  • Blaze Union: Gulcasa only. Emilia only, and only as Kiddy Brongaa.

Original Power: No data.

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