Gert T. Fobis
Knight of Aventheim
Title Immovable Mountain
Kana ゲルト=T.フォーブス
Romaji Geruto T. Fōbusu
Japanese Name Gert T. Forbes
Race Rondalia
Sex Male
Age 45
Order 9th
Unit Class Warrior
Element Neutral
Level 23
Encountered Scene 19
Route Mellia
Gert is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 23
VIT 42
L.I 84
C.I 20
LOY 56%

Tome DescriptionEdit

"Nothing is more important to Gert than a good meal. Fortunately, he has phenomenal cooking skills to complement his phenomenal appetite! During meals, he can always be found trying to shove more food down Bailey's throat because he feels Bailey does not eat enough. Gert enjoys Legaard's company because he has a large appetite, like himself."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Theonil, One Like a Son: "When he enlisted, he'd turn sideways and disappear!"
  • On Theonil, One Like a Son: "That lad Theonil is still very pure of heart."
  • On Theonil, One Like a Son: "Theonil is really starting to mature."
  • On Legaard, A Great Eater: "Legaard's stomach is a bottomless pit."
  • On Legaard, A Great Eater: "He didn't used to like mushrooms, but he does now!"
  • On Legaard, A Great Eater: "I love cooking for him. He treats my food well."
  • On Bailey, A Slight Man: "Bailey doesn't eat much."
  • On Bailey, A Slight Man: "Eat my cooking for an instant energy boost."
  • On Bailey, A Slight Man: "That kid needs more meat on his bones."
  • On Nielsen, A Herb Artisan: "Ever met the herb-harvester in the castle's courtyard?"
  • On Nielsen, An Herb Artisan: "I only use the herbs harvested by Nielsen."
  • On Nielsen, An Herb Artisan: "Good herbs are essential for a good tasting dish."
  • On Flavio, A Culinary Master: "My teacher taught me that good food makes life richer."
  • On Flavio, A Culinary Master: "I thank my teacher from the bottom of my heart."
  • "It probably took all they had just to escape..."
  • "Good food and good liquor. That's happiness defined."
  • "When I retire, I'm going to open up a restaurant."
  • "I wonder what they're doing..."
  • "Always marinate chicken in sake and herbs! Always!"
  • "I wonder if they're alright..."
  • "When I eat something good, I ask for the recipe."
  • "I'm just worried. Did they get out safely?"

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "Frying pans aren't tools. They have souls, too."
  • "Take care of your frying pan. It takes care of you."


  • "Leave it to me."

Level Up:Edit

  • "I won't let anyone think of me as dead weight."
  • "I'm a warrior... And I'll repay you in full!"
  • "I'll exceed your expectations."
  • "Oh, how nice!"


  • "You didn't like my cooking?"
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