Gilder Rivera Oh Castle
Basic info
Kana ギルテン=リヴィア=オ=カッスル
Romaji Giruten Rivia O Kassuru
Location Scene 11
Key Item Plane

Gilder (ギルテン Giruten?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Fritz, An Old Friend: "I was shocked when he wanted to become a knight."
  • On Fritz, An Old Friend: "I think he's worried about a knight named Cornela."
  • On Fritz, An Old Friend: "I never stopped laughing when I was with him."
  • On Cornela, A Subordinate: "Fritz's subordinate apparently has a sad smile."
  • On Cornela, A Subordinate: "Just listening to Fritz makes me feel for her."
  • On Norberg, A Gentleman: "A well-mannered man signed for one of my deliveries."
  • On Norberg, A Gentleman: "He was a true gentleman. He made me feel... small."
  • On Erica, A Noble Daughter: "I saw a young lady at that house by Aventheim."
  • On Maimi, A Cute Girl: "A cute girl signed for my package just last week."
  • On Michel, A Fisher's Son: "A fisherman's son worked hard and became a knight."
  • "I take responsibility for every package."
  • "Delivery is hard work. A lot of people quit early."
  • "I was just delivering goods to the castle as usual..."
  • "Courier are sturdy enough to become knights, I'd say."
  • "Our chief strained his back and stopped working.
  • "I hear it's a bad idea to sail on a calm Lake Noir."
  • "I get the most jobs from the royal city townsfolk."
  • "I think it's easier to live here than in other lands."
  • "If you stack them, I'll deliver them."
  • "I always forward to a stiff drink after work."
  • "I go the extra mile by delivering with a smile."
  • "I used to fall and break my products..."
  • "Our chief drinks a lot... Now he's got a gut."
  • "Delivery is hard work, but the pay isn't bad either."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "My father is a carpenter."
  • "I'm not very dexterous. I could never be a carpenter."
  • "I even deliver wood to my father's workplace."
  • "Rain is fine, but snow makes this job hard."
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