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A banner with the crest of Gleivnir seen in the intro

Kingdom of Gleivnir (グレイヴニル Gureivniru?) is the focal setting of Knights in the Nightmare. Ruled since ancient days by the Arbitrator's bloodline, the kingdom is the world's leading political and military power.

Manual DescriptionEdit

A nation consisting of twelve orders of knights, with its capital being Aventheim Castle. The monarchy has existed with an unbroken royal bloodline for thousands of years. Its main territories are located around the shores of the great Lake Noir.


The royal seat of power, Aventheim Castle, rises proudly above a picturesque lake on the cliffs of St. Celestina. A narrow strait connects the island to the mainland, where the bastions of Fort Gerhard stand in the way of anyone seeking entry to Aventheim.

On the east, Dussell Bridge leads to the lakeside town of Regnieburg, and the expanses of Valde Forest beyond it. West lies the Zeitzbach Cemetery, the resting place of citizens and the royal family across generations. Under the Lion Heart King , the rule of Gleivnir was expanded into western dominions, making the Balmore, the Mehse and the Tiamats its vassals.


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