Not to be confused with the War Gods of Gungnir

The Gods are a mysterious race enshrouded in mystery, as they themselves have never appeared in any Dept. Heaven game. The Gods were wiped out during Ragnarok, leaving behind their knowledge and power with the inhabitants of Riviera, and leaving the Seven Magi as the rulers of Asgard. It is said that the Gods created all known surface worlds, and Asgard, as well as Angels, Grim Angels, and many other life forms.

Because they've never been seen, it is unknown what their physical appearance may have been like, although seeing as the Magi, angels, and Asgard Servants are all human-like in stature, it can be assumed that the Gods were also humanoid beings. Little is known about the Gods' lifestyle and societal structure, though they did speak in an ancient language referred to only as the "Sacred Tongue".


  • Riviera's protector, Ursula, understands the Sacred Tongue, and was described as "godly" by Ein, strongly suggesting that she is the remnant of the Gods, or at least has some sort of affiliation with them.
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