Gold Dozeu is an edible item in Yggdra Union that, once consumed by whomever has it equipped, raises each of their stats by an entire star. This edible is a "secret" item that appears only in the PSP-exclusive BF14-II in a water tile close to Bly's house. This item can only be consumed by non-vegetarians.

Unlock CriteriaEdit

  • Beat the game at least once
  • Can only be obtained at night
  • Total REP must be 10 or higher

Morale DataEdit

Yggdra 1000
Milanor 2000
Durant 1000
Nietzsche 9000
Roswell 1000
Rosary 1000
Russell 1000
Cruz 2000
Elena 0000
Kylier -
Gordon -
Mistel 5000
Pamela 5000
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