Stone-hewn giants animated with magical powers. Their skill "Earthquake" destroy everything around them!

Golem is a low-tier class in Yggdra Union, despite its large size. Their signature Skill: Earthquake destroys nearby objects and villages, and they are unable to unionize. They also have slow movement, making them move only one space per turn. Caution is advised when using these units. They are very good at destroying everything they touch (with their skill and ability to destroy things on contact) and can easily render some maps unwinnable.


The Golem class has few useful abilities. Also note that their Lump weapn affinity grants them no weapon advantage whatsoever.

  • < Lightning - They are weak to lightning; a trait seen also in Riviera, as they have somewhat low tolerance to this element.
  • Destroy Object - Like the Bandit class, Golems will wreck villages they come into contact with, and other types of terrain.
  • Void Ailments - Cannot be affected by statuses.
  • The Valkyrie and Sword Maiden classes have a native advantage over this class.


This class has great GEN and ATK, but mediocre TEC and LUK.
  • Size: Large
  • Move: Slow
  • Weapon: Lump
  • Formation: None

Notable GolemsEdit

Marked with "*" = Rosary summons.

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