Gremlin KitN Portrait
Gremlin  is an enemy class in Knights in the Nightmare


   Neutral    - Grey Vision
   Fire       - Dry Orb
   Ice        - Icy Glare
   Lightning  - Shocking Gaze
   Sanctity   - Tranquil Stare
   Darkness   - Evil Eye

Pause Talk:Edit

  • "Aaah keeega! (You poked me in the eye!)"
  • "Haga hee... (This is serious...)"
  • "Geeeeeeeee!? (What are you lookin' at!?)"
  • "Hwa gisha ya!" ("I'll get you for that!")

Dying quotes:Edit

  • "Gwaaaaa!"
  • "G-Gyaaaa..."
  • "Guh... Gweee..."


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