Female warriors who soar through the sky on griffons. They're extremely strong against Knights, but be careful of hunters!

Griffon Riders are a class in Yggdra Union, and have a unique advantage in that their movement is completely unaffected by terrain. This movement prowess comes at the small sacrifice that their combat is also not affected by the terrain they are on; they do not benefit from the Morale reduction that many types of terrain can provide. Also be mindful that Griffon Riders cannot be parked above water tiles.


Griffon Riders have a couple of useful abilities, but an equal amount of handicaps.

  • [ - ] Geo 0% - They are unaffected by terrain completely, allowing for great movement and granting immunity to terrain-based skills such as Ivy Whip.
  • [O] > Knight - Stacked with their advantageous weapon affinity, Griffon Riders absolutely destroy their male counterpart, the Knight class.
  • [X] < Ice - They are vulnerable to Ice damage and skills.
  • [X] < Hunter - This class makes easy prey for Hunters.


Griffon Rider
GEN ATK TEC LUK Size Move Weapon Formation
4 4 3 4 Large Fly Axe Cross +

Notable Griffon RidersEdit

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