Grilled Griffon (グリフグリル Gurifuguriru, lit. Gryph Grill?), also known as the Gryff Grill, is a recurring item in Dept. Heaven franchise.

The Grilled Griffon is a one-use only stat buff item that debuted in Yggdra Union.

Lasts 1 Map
Equip Non-vegetarians only
Effect [O] Eat: GEN UP
Location Kill Griffon Rider with Flame

Morale RecoveryEdit

Yggdra 2000
Milanor 5000
Durant 2000
Nietzsche 2000
Roswell 2000
Rosary 1000
Russell 2000
Cruz 2000
Elena 2000
Kylier 0000
Gordon 1000
Mistel 1000
Pamela 2000

Gryff Grill is a Key Item in Knights in the Nightmare. It is associated with the soul of Marvell, a tavern mistress. In Maria's story, it is found in the only barrel during Scene 6. On the other hand, to obtain it in Mellia's version, one has to destroy the inconveniently placed patch of grass in Scene 5 and wait for it to respawn. Since the first item to appear from the bush is the Man's Comb, the Gryff Grill will be available immediately on subsequent playthroughs if Lester is in the party.

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