Grimwad Dylan Mirele
The truth is different for all who see it."
Knight of Aventheim
Title Spectral Master
Kana グリムウッド=デラン=ミレール
Romaji Gurimuuddo Deran Mirēru
Japanese Name Grimwood Deran Miller
Race Ingeid
Sex Male
Age 29
Order 10th
Unit Class Wizard
Element Ice
Level 38
Encountered Scene 37
Route Both

Grimwad, also known as Grimwood is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 48
VIT 23
L.I 78
C.I 40
LOY 58%

Website DescriptionEdit

An experienced subordinate who has great faith in Frabela. Those who speak to him often find him approachable and a good listener.

Tome DescriptionEdit

"He has inadvertently become the 10th Order's personal therapist, as all of his comrades come to speak to him and seek his advice. Because General Frabela and General Algiery are so close, Grimwad has reservations about his assignment to track Algiery."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Locke, A Wise Man: "The ability to flex one's mind is a notable talent."
  • On Locke, A Wise Man: "Locke may be worthy of becoming a knight..."
  • On Orlando, A Rumored Poet: "I would love to hear one of Orlando's lectures."
  • On Oswald, A Loyalist: "Frabela has many who would follow her to their ends."
  • On Lyzz, A Passive Girl: "She has her own way of saying things to people."
  • On Lyzz, A Passive Girl: "I saw Lyzz tending to her flute with a warm smile."
  • On Woosh, A Lady of Shadows: "There are some things Woosh simply cannot compromise."
  • On Woosh, A Lady of Shadows: "She looks as though she has some regrets..."
  • On Ernest, A True Leader: "It seems Lyzz has someone she can look up to now."
  • On Algiery, Frabela's Friend: "Cardinal Capehorn has ordered me to find Algiery."
  • On Algiery, Frabela's Friend: "Algiery stands accused of assassinating the king..."
  • On Algiery, Frabela's Friend: "His orders are final... But chasing down Algiery..."
  • On Algiery, Frabela's Friend: "I cannot believe Algiery could be an assassin..."
  • On Algiery, Frabela's Friend: "To be ordered to hunt down a friend of a superior..."
  • On Frabela, A Superior: "There is not even a hint of darkness in her eyes."
  • On Frabela, A Superior: "Our general is defending Algiery. This drains me..."
  • On Frabela, A Superior: "If Frabela is giving advice, listen."
  • "Old scriptures can be a source of lost knowledge."
  • "When this is over, perhaps I'll open up a bookstore."
  • "The truth is skewed by the beholder."
  • "The truth is more twisted than fantasy. How fitting."
  • "I'd prefer not to fight..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "Ahh, nothing really beats a good cup of coffee..."


  • "I am at your command. Your orders, Sire?"

Level Up:Edit

  • "This will help greatly."
  • "I would be most glad to be of use to my comrades."
  • "Ah yes, thank you."
  • "Now I can advance for the knights!"


  • "You can't be serious! Where have I faltered?"