Guard is a stat used in Riviera: The Promised Land and Gungnir. Generally, the purpose of guard is to nullify damage from an enemy attack.

In RivieraEdit

GRD (or Block) is not a proper stat, but rather a hidden one, which has a chance of completely neutralizing any attack on the unit. Only some demon classes have a native guard ability, though there are skills among them as well as items at the player's disposal that can raise GRD. Skills/Items that bestow this defensive ability last for a limited time and must be reapplied for continued benefit. Multi-hitting attacks are optimal for circumventing this rather nasty defensive stat. Skills that are unblockable will land without fail, ignoring GRD completely.

In GungnirEdit

Like Riviera, Guard has a chance to completely block an attack, resulting in no damage inflicted. However, some enhancements were made to accommodate Gungnir's gameplay style. Close-range attacks can be guarded by the target; the rate is dependant on equipement such as weapons or shields. If an attack is Guarded, the target can even launch a retaliatory counter. Guard is affected by which direction the target is attacked from (Facing). The percentages are as follows:

  • Face to face - 30%
  • Either side - 20%
  • From behind - 0% (None)

One must keep this in mind at all times during any strategy. Endeavor to minimize the chance of an unsuccessful attack as much as possible.

Quick Tip: Rapier attacks cannot be parried by the enemy's weapon; only shields can block them.

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