A mid-range fighter that uses bowgun to attack in a straight line. The bowgun has the best firepower and accuracy for all the long-range weapons, and has the strength to go through more than one character.

Gunners fight with bowguns. Unlike bows, bowguns fire directly at the enemy, so the Gunner must have a clear line of sight to his target. However, a bowgun’s attack power far surpasses that of a normal bow and is a serious threat to targets within five squares.

List of GunnersEdit

Name Fire Water Earth Air Spc Description
Derrick 0 +1 -3 +2 Coming Soon A bit weak but has potential as a gunner.
Hampton -2 -2 +1 +3 IV A bit frail, but this gunner has skill.
Granitz -1 0 -2 +3 I Prides himself on his fast draw.
Legaard -1 0 +3 -2 II Has exceptional health for a gunner, but...
Bergman +1 -2 -2 +3 III Quick with his feet and with excuses.
Staehel -2 +3 0 -1 III A skilled and well-rounded gunner.
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