The Harpie Talon is a Battle Item in Riviera: The Promised Land. They can be obtained from Rebecca in Elendia if the player correctly answers what her name is when asked.


S RankEdit

Skill DataEdit


Throw Stats
Type Physical Attack
Power 34 (Ein)/32 (Cierra)/31 (Fia)
Hits 1
Accuracy 60%
Base Wait 35
Variance 3%
Target Random Enemy A
Effects Inaccurate
Skill Level 0
Overskill N/A

Serene and LinaEdit

Scratch Stats
Type Physical Attack
Power 37 (Serene)/38 (Lina)
Hits 3
Accuracy 100%
Base Wait 45
Variance 3%
Target Close enemy
Effects None
Skill Level 0
Overskill Wild Tear (Serene)/High Claw (Lina)
Skill Up 6
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