The Healing Herb is a Battle Item in Riviera: The Promised Land. It is used to restore ailments. Fia can use this to perform Practice Mix. If Fia uses this skill twice, she learns Mix Potion, which will transform the Healing Herb into a Potion with all of it's remaining uses. The first Healing Herb is found at Lacrima Castle. It can also be obtained at the Crumbling Gardens in Yggdrasil.

  • WT: 25
  • Exp. Needed: 2


A RankEdit

B RankEdit

  • Dark Lindwurm x20

Mix Potion (Fia only)Edit

Mix Potion Stats
Type Other
Power N/A
Hits 1
Accuracy 0%
Base Wait 60
Variance 0%
Target N/A
Effects Convert Heal Herb > Potion w/ same uses
Skill Level 2
Skill Up 2
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