Heckler D.T. Aivor
Knight of Aventheim
Title Glittering Star
Kana ヘッケラー=D.T.アイヴァー
Romaji Hekkerā D.T. Aivā
Japanese Name Heckler D. T. Ivor
Race Balmore
Sex Male
Age 18
Order 12th
Unit Class Archer
Element Fire
Level 41
Encountered Scene 36
Item Rabbit Blossom
Route Mellia

Heckler is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 41
VIT 27
L.I 90
C.I 34
LOY 20%

Tome DescriptionEdit

A pure and innocent young boy, he genuinely believes the world could be made a better place if everyone would try a little harder. While not as brash as Dreyuss, Heckler is very energetic and stands up for what he believes in. Having grown up in Balmore, he has a strong dislike for prejudice. Wunsche saved his life in battle, and now Heckler looks up to him.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Wunsche, A Savior: "I'm only able to be here because of Sir Wunsche."
  • ON Wunsche, A Savior: "Maybe he's what people consider a hero..."
  • On Lakshmi, One of No Hate: "I wonder what she's doing now..."
  • On Otto, One Who Saw Much: "Otto sure has been through some tough times, huh?"
  • On Chester, Another's Brother: "I heard rumors that Lutecia had a brother?"
  • On Latune, The Mehse: "So the Lemonogue are the ones called the Mehse?"
  • On Alier, The Oppressed: "It sounds like there aren't many Tiamats left now."
  • "Difference in rank or race can be such a bother."
  • "Shouldn't rank and race be meaningless? We're people!"
  • "If I try my best, the lives around me will improve!"
  • "I wonder what the Tiamats and the Mehse talk about..."
  • "There's been some shady activity. Stay alert!"
  • "There must be some secret between those two races..."
  • "We must become demons to rebuilt our kingdom..."
  • "Life should be more than loving or hating something."
  • "I hear the Tiamats and the Mehse have a connection."
  • "We're playing with fire if we don't proceed carefully."
  • "I don't think anything can be born from hate."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "Wow, now this is a rare plant!"


  • "I'll do my best!"

Level Up:Edit

  • "I'm happy to see how much I've grown."
  • "I'd hate to get benched because I wasn't strong."
  • "Wow, so this is what it's like to level up!?"
  • "I'm glad..."


  • "Is it because I'm Balmorian? I hope not..."
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