Men who stalk their prey with a bow and arrow. Griffon Riders that fly in the sky are perfect targets for them.

The Hunter class is one of the two archer-type classes in Yggdra Union. Since they wield bows, they are able to jump other units without fear of retaliation; this comes at the cost of being unable to counter. Also be mindful that bows are advantageous against Rods, but disadvantageous against the weapon triangle (swords, axes, and lances).


Hunters have a handful of useful abilities.

  • Noon ☺ - Makes the unit very powerful during the noon time.
  • > Griffon - This class has a native advantage over Griffon Riders.
  • Forest ☺ - Grants them a tactical advantage when fighting in heavily forested terrain.


have decent GEN, average ATK, great TEC, and average LUK; somewhat balanced all around.
  • Size: Small
  • Move: Walk
  • Weapon: Bow
  • Formation: Cross X
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