Husrev Hanon Aigil
Knight of Aventheim
Title Fearless Champion
Kana ハンスリーヴ・ハノン・アギエル
Romaji Hansurīvu Hanon Agieru
Japanese Name Hansreev Hanon Agiel
Race Elvale
Sex Male
Age 23
Order 3rd
Unit Class Lance Knight
Element Darkness
Level 29
Encountered Scene 27
Item Chipped Badge
Route Mellia
Husrev, also known as Hansreev is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.


Husrev has short purplish hair and he has deep crimson eyes. He also has some scars on his face. He wears purple lance knight armor. He is identical to Beatrix.


Husrev is really grumpy. He hates it when someone insults him or something he likes.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 29
VIT 56
L.I 13
C.I 85
LOY 30%

Website DescriptionEdit


Tome DescriptionEdit

"More brawn than brain, Husrev strives to be nothing more than the most renowned and formidable knight in the kingdom. Unfortunately, his skills are not quite enough to accomplish this goal. While he is not loyal to the kingdom itself, he greatly respects Gunther and his other superiors. He harbors an intense hatred for Capehorn, especially after the Cardinal blamed Gunther for the King's death. Husrev has a long lost sister, Beatrix, who he believes to be dead but the truth is Beatrix was served as 1st Order Knights."


Pause TalkEdit

  • On Beatrix, A Departed Sister: "I can hardly remember what she looked like anymore..."
  • On Beatrix, A Departed Sister: "My sister... she left the world behind her..."
  • On Sarland, A Mean Knight: "I couldn't get along with her even if I tried."
  • On Sarland, A Mean Knight: "What's her problem? Why does she bother me?"
  • On Basturk, A Skilled Knight: "Sir Basturk sounds like he's had a dark past."
  • On Rondine, A Skilled Knight: "If he and Sir Basturk fight together, stand back!"
  • "They always give me all the grunt work..."
  • "If I hold on to the past, I'll never make it big!"
  • "Just watch! I'm gonna make it big someday."
  • "There's something cold about the Tiamats..."
  • On Gunther, A Loyal Knight: "Sir Gunther was very depressed. I could tell."
  • On Gunther, A Loyal Knight: "The cardinal blamed Sir Gunther for what happened."
  • On Gunther, A Loyal Knight: "He couldn't protect the one he served. I can relate..."
  • On Gunther, A Loyal Knight: "There must have been some reason why he failed..."
  • On Capehorn, An Annoying Elder: "Who does he think he is, blaming Sir Gunther?"
  • On Capehorn, An Annoying Elder: "Why live in the past? The cardinal is a dark, dark man."
  • On Piche, A Granddaughter: "I think Lady Piche is as beautiful as the Tiamats."
  • On Nordich, A Lonely Heir: "When the king went hunting, we would all act as guards."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "This was our only clue..."


  • "Allow me to help out!"

Level Up:Edit

  • "I want to be useful, too."
  • "Nothing beats power. I guess..."
  • "I can have this? Hey, this'll help a lot!"
  • "You'll get in trouble if you don't keep training."


  • "Damn... So power alone just doesn't cut it anymore, eh?"
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