The Ice Emblem is a support item in Riviera: The Promised Land that raises resistance to enemy ice attacks. Lina, however use it it as a weapon. 


S RankEdit

A RankEdit

B RankEdit

  • LDiamond Dust - x3

Skill DataEdit


CC-Grenade Stats
Type Physical Attack
Power 160
Hits 1
Accuracy 100%
Base Wait 45
Variance 16%
Target Random Enemy A
Effects Ignores VIT, ice bust chance
Skill Level 0
Overskill None


Raise Stats
Type Support
Power N/A
Hits 1
Accuracy 0%
Base Wait 25
Variance 0%
Target Self
Effects Raises ice res
Skill Level 0
Overskill Blizzard (Cierra only)/Ice Resist (Serene only)
Skill Up 2 (Cierra & Serene only)
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