Dragon Knight

Imperial Knights who serve Gulcasa, the Emperor of Carnage. With large scythes in hand, they ride on wild dragons into battle!

Imperial Knights do not start appearing until late into Chapter 4 of Yggdra Union, and should not be taken lightly. Their weapon affinity grants them control over the weapon triangle, and is neutral against all other weapon types. They also wield Fire when in aggressive mode; being a large-type unit can also make it difficult to defeat them. These formidable foes are direct subordinates of Emperor Gulcasa.


The Imperial Knight doesn't have many useful abilities; one useful one, and one handicap.

  • Wasteland ☺ - Grants them an edge when on Wasteland terrain; a trait shared with Gulcasa and the Stray Thief class.
  • < Ice - Vulnerability to Ice damage and skills.


Imperial Knights are statistically solid, having superior GEN and ATK, decent TEC, but they fall short in LUK.
Imperial Knight
  • Size: Large
  • Move: Dragon
  • Weapon: Scythe
  • Formation: Cross X



  • Durant can become an identical class known as Dragon Knight if he finds and equips a late-game item: Stray Dragon.
  • Gulcasa's classes are superior versions of this class.
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