Inventory, in Riviera: The Promised Land, refers collectively to both Battle Items and Event Items that the player has collected in their playthrough. The player will most often be interacting with their Battle Items while playing the game, as it will constantly be changed and put to use against demon encounters and boss battles.

Battle items Edit

The party can carry up to fourteen battle items at any given time. If another item is acquired, the player will be taken to the inventory and forced to discard one item to continue. Einherjar (and Lorelei in Chapter 1) cannot be discarded.

Certain areas or triggers may affect the inventory and cause certain battle items to transform. When this occurs and an item is changed, 'Inventory Affected' will appear at the top of the screen. The new items retain the durabilities of the originals.

Getting drenched offers no benefit and is completely avoidable. The latter two triggers are beneficial as the moldy items and Zephyr allow for new Over Skills to be learnt.

Event items Edit

Event items are not usable in battle, but may be important for unlocking Extra Contents, making or exchanging for battle items, unlocking areas in the main game, or for miscellaneous purposes. Obtaining an event item will award the player with points. Some event items have no use other than for score.

The descriptions of event items may change with events that occur in game, such as when the item is used for some purpose or given to an NPC. Ingame events may also transform an event item into another.

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