Basic info
Gender Male
Japanese Voice Actor Fujiwara Katsuya
English Voice Actor ???
Age: 21
Race: Human
Family: Unknown
Ace: sword
Class: Fencer
Birthplace: Bronquia
Height:  ??? cm
Favorite edible: Onions
Wow. What a boring job... Well, no one will notice if I half-ass it... Heheh...

Inzaghi (インザーギ Inzāgi?) is a twenty one-year-old mercenary hired by Gulcasa to give Bronquia some extra muscle. He and his mercenary crew are used as spare soldiers for the Empire. Inzaghi harbors a grudge against Milanor, forming some semblance of a rivalry with him. Inzaghi, following several bouts with the Royal Army, is never heard from again after the final battle with him during the assault on Castle Karona.


Inzaghi is extremely lazy and tends to try to get away with as much slacking as he can while still maintaining a paycheck. Not surprisingly, he also tends to take a lot of flack from his superiors (whomever they may be) for it. Extremely hedonistic, he's reputed to be willing to do anything for money. He seems to like hats, as all his equipment happens to be various kinds of headgear.




  • Headgear: Inzaghi's signature helmet. Padded to absorb shocks.
  • Iron Helm: An iron helmet to guard against head injury.
  • Leather Hat: A simple hat made by stitching skins together.
  • Soldier's Bandana: Inzaghi's bandana, with many battlefield stains.





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