Janak Riese Oh Cheryl
Janak KitN portrait
Basic info
Kana ヤナック=リーゼ=オ=シェリル
Romaji Yanakku Rīze O Sheriru
Location Scene 21
Key Item Garden Shears

Janak (ヤナック Yanakku?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. He is a gardener at Aventheim Castle.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Sofine, A Customer Girl: "Sofine has this magnificent garden."
  • On Sofine, A Customer Girl: "A garden that size motivates me to work."
  • On Filmier, A Church Nun: "I've heard God is inside there, but I've never been."
  • On Pascale, A Noble Lady: "Ms. Pascale always asks me to take care of her garden."
  • On Pascale, A Noble Lady: "Their garden isn't big, but it's pretty."
  • On Nestor, A Noble Boy: "The more energetic a child, the better."
  • On Carlette, A Requestor: "Why would they choose me to tend their gardens?"
  • On Carlette, A Requestor: "I never thought I'd find work at the castle..."
  • On Nielsen, A Courtyard Man: "There's a stranger in the courtyard growing grass..."
  • On Lucana, A Court Maid: "The maids look so busy. They must not rest at all."
  • On Piche, A Noticed Girl: "I was working when I caught just a glimpse of her..."
  • On Piche, A Noticed Girl: "She was sensitive like a princess. Who was she?"
  • On Black Cat, A Black Cat: "I see it sometimes. Where does it come from?"
  • "My father and his father were both gardeners."
  • "I don't know about anything other than gardening..."
  • "When I see weeds, I get the itch to work."
  • "These days the trees seem lacking in life..."
  • "All rain makes it harder to tend gardens."
  • "No matter how hard the job, I won't cut corners."
  • "In the autumn, I get a lot of leaf-raking jobs."
  • "I see strange things in the castle... I must be tired."
  • "My mother and her mother were both gardeners."
  • "If there is a God, why is the world like this?"

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "I have a convenient set of tools here."
  • "These let me trim the out-of-reach branches."
  • "You need a bit of practice to wield these."
  • "Without these, I can't do any gardening."