Jorgen B. Druten
Basic info
Kana ヨルゲン=B.ドルーテン
Romaji Yorugen B. Dorūten
Location Scene 4
Key Item Letter Opener

Jorgen (ヨルゲン Yorugen?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Norton, A Wealthy Boy: "It must be hard to move in such frilly clothes."
  • On Norton, A Wealthy Boy: "I saw a young noble here. He looked out of place..."
  • On Bonita, A Talented Pupil: "Bonita was an extremely stubborn child..."
  • On Bonita, A Talented Pupil: "I don't think it's so bad to believe in someone..."
  • On Nordich, A Kingdom's Heir: "There was a time when the prince would hunt here..."
  • On Orlando, A Solemn Teacher: "Orlando's intensity is to be commended."
  • On Reuben, A Reformed Man: "A strained back... He hasn't changed much."
  • On Monk, A Diligent Youth: "To be one with nature is such a wonderful thing."
  • On Sven, A Painter: "Looking upon his works healed my heart. Stunning."
  • "I heard an explosion in the west. It's unsettling."
  • "What was the evil aura spreading from the castle?"
  • "Boys I bopped on the head are now radiant knights."
  • "I am curious about the explosion in the west..."
  • "How are the castle and that evil aura connected?"
  • "A life of freedom in retirement sounds superb."
  • "I've taught many students, but..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "I remember my students' names, even now."
  • "This was a valuable gift from one of my students."
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