Josef Jarvis Hertz
Knight of Aventheim
Title Stone Arm
Kana ヨーゼフ=ヨーグ=ハーツォーク
Romaji Yōzefu Yōgu Hātsōku
Japanese Name Josef Hugues Herzog
Race Elvale
Sex Male
Age 47
Order 2nd
Unit Class Warrior
Element Fire
Level 18
Encountered Scene 14
Item Cigar
Route Maria
Josef is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 18
VIT 36
L.I 24
C.I 89
LOY 68%

Tome Description Edit

"He is a grizzled veteran who has fought in countless battles, but somehow, Josef always manages to have a smile on his face. Because he constantly jokes around with his peers, he is frequently scolded by Minotta. However, when it is time for battle, he becomes a completely different person. Josef takes combat seriously, and his leadership is an asset to the order. He often worries about his niece, Aura, who is growing up in a strict household."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Aura, A Precious Niece: "I feel for my little niece. She's in a strict home."
  • On Aura, A Precious Niece: "I worry about the niece I left back home..."
  • On Aura, A Precious Niece: "I'd want Aura to grow up where she could be free."
  • On Jungwil, An Old Friend: "Jungwil fears nothing, so if HE'S afraid of it..."
  • On Jungwil, An Old Friend: "If he bothers you, just talk to Minotta."
  • On Jungwil, An Old Friend: "Jungwil may not look-- Ah, never mind."
  • On Walder, A Stubborn Man: "I hear Walder's working pretty hard."
  • On Walder, A Stubborn Man: "I have nothing left to teach him."
  • On Walder, A Stubborn Man: "Walder's the kind of guy who picks a path and walks it."
  • On Freiber, A Scary Superior: "If Freiber finds out, you better start praying."
  • On Klaus, A Good Comrade: "We're old friends."
  • On Klaus, A Good Comrade: "The only thing I can do is encourage him."
  • On Klaus, A Good Comrade: "I hear things get pretty rough with a wife around."
  • On Minotta, A Humorless Lady: "When Minotta finds out, things tend to get hairy."
  • On Minotta, A Humorless Lady: "...Well, Minotta has a tendency to be right."
  • On Cornela, A Cute Girl: "I'll never hand Cornela, MY cutie, to Fritz! Hahaha!"
  • On Partha, A Tiamat Friend: "I have a Tiamat friend, but we don't talk too often..."
  • On Partha, A Foreign Friend: "Tiamats live a long time. My friend will outlive me."
  • On Gunther, A Fair Man: "Sir Gunther was fair to everyone... But then..."
  • On Aquina, A Discriminator: "It's a shame that some higher-ups discriminate."
  • "Tiamats are good people. More decent than us, even."
  • "We and the Tiamats have been bickering a long time."
  • "I just wanted to be free."
  • "There's more evil in us than in those Tiamats..."
  • "Humans bicker all the time, even more with other races."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "There's nothing like a good smoke after a mission."
  • "...Aaah... Smell that? It's the smell of quality."


  • "Hey, it's finally my turn!"

Level Up:Edit

  • "It's nice to get... stronger..."
  • "Leave it to me!"
  • "I'll live up to your expectations and more."
  • "You won't regret it!"


  • "I wasn't good enough? Fine, do as you please!"
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