Justin N. Larson
Justin rough KitN portrait
Basic info
Kana ジャスティン=N.ラーソン
Romaji Jasutin N. Rāson
Location Scene 14
Key Item Leather Shoes

Justin (ジャスティン Jasutin?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Jester, An Old Companion: "Jester is running his mouth again!"
  • On Jester, An Old Companion: "I'm Justin. Don't mix me up with Jester!"
  • On Jester, An Old Companion: "Jester, it's the size of your heart that matters!"
  • On Jester, An Old Companion: "This short guy next to me is my partner in crime!"
  • On Roslip, A Pretty Snob: "I saw a snobby looking beauty in the castle."
  • On Roslip, A Pretty Snob: "The tattoo on her cheek really made her stand out."
  • On Flavio, A Chef: "They laughed at me when I said I hated vegetables!"
  • On Flavio, A Chef: "For some reason, I can't eat Flavio's salads."
  • On Flavio, A Chef: "Flavio is helping me with my fear of vegetables!"
  • On Brawny, A Brooding Man: "I think he thinks too much."
  • On Brawny, A Brooding Man: "If you think too hard, you'll get gray hairs!"
  • On Locke, A Boastful Noble: "I saw a noble cleaning his glasses meticulously."
  • On Josef, A Laughing Man: "I think he would get my jokes!"
  • "Wh-What!? Compliments won't get you anything!"
  • "Sanctuary? What's a sanctuary?"
  • "It's hard to play a clown... Haha!"
  • "Everyone's always said I'm as stubborn as a mule!"
  • "This world is half lies, and half truth!"
  • "Believe everything you hear and you'll be sorry!"
  • "My policy is to seek the truth so long as I live!"
  • "If you ask me, there's nothing I can't solve!"
  • "...Wh-What!? Was someone calling me!?"
  • "Do you think anyone here knows who Jaja is?"
  • "I'm really good at that contortionist stuff."
  • "...Zzzzzz..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "Men should be handsome down to their toes!"
  • "A handsome man starts with his feet!"
  • "I can be quite fussy about my shoes!"
  • "I can shine any shoe! I'm really good at it!"
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