Knights in the Nightmare is littered with Key Items which are needed to recruit knights and trade to NPCs for strong weapons. They are hidden in objects strewn about each of the scenes. The player need only to damage these objects enough to yield the items hidden within. Some Key Items are more elusive and can only be obtained after certain objects have been destroyed by a Warrior and the object has respawned (which takes a specific amount of turns depending on the object in question). It's encouraged that the player strikes a balanced between prioritizing objects while fighting the enemies.

List of Key ItemsEdit

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Maria's Scenario Edit

Key Item Location Character Character met in Other
Knitted Scarf Scene 1 Johann Scene 1
Favorite Jug Scene 1 Bonn Scene 2
Wedding RIng Scene 1 Moira Scene 2
Letter Opener Scene 1 Jorgen Scene 4 Jorgen is non-recruitable
Leather Wallet Ch. 2 Norton Scene 3 Norton is non-recruitable
Slim Darts Ch. 2 Mardin Scene 3
Indigo Ocarina Ch. 2 Michel Scene 3
Sake Bottle Ch. 3 Firenz Scene 4
Teapot Ch. 3 Erica Scene 5
Upora Statue Ch. 3 Dreyuss Scene 4
Crimson Brooch Ch. 4 Frances Scene 5
Fountain Pen Ch. 4 Raphael Scene 6 Raphael is non-recruitable
Quill Pen Ch. 4 Bailey Scene 5
Spear Replica Ch. 4 Alonso Scene 6
Bent Coin Scene 5 Rolenta Scene 6
Holy Necklace Scene 5 Melissa Scene ?? Melissa is an enemy
Holy Water Scene 5 Isabel Scene 6 Isabel is non-recruitable
Secret Box Scene 5 Lillian Scene 7
Talisman Scene 5 Rolf Scene 6
Tanned Scroll Scene 6 Crozeph Scene 7
Thin Watch Scene 6 Simone Scene 7